Wireless and Mobility

The world is going wireless and it's now transforming enterprise and even the public sector.
We have been providing secure and stable mobility solutions for over five years. In that time we have seen wireless change from a technology for casual browsing to an essential part of the network that must be fast, secure and always available. Some of the recent trends include:

  • End-user devices are predominantly wireless
  • Multiple devices per user
  • Enterprise Apps are increasingly cloud-based, accessed wirelessly
  • Decreasing separation between work and personal space (Teleworking, Bring-Your-Own-Device)
  • Collaboration occurs using technology, for example Lync, Skype, Social Media


Whether it's a corporate-provided laptop or an employee-owned tablet, we can provide secure network access to those devices based on the policy you define, with fine-grained control over what users, device types, operating systems or combinations thereof have access to. Prevent access where users are not running anti-virus or a pre-approved set of software, while delivering reliable access to your corporate applications.


Wireless is starting to be acknowledged as a secure alternative to wired networking with the same benefits for the public sector as the private. Current technology meets robust encryption standards and our preferred vendors are certified with federal government agencies around the globe.


Wi-Fi is increasingly being used in the Education space to deliver enriched learning environments. Wireless also brings access to the large array of quality study resources now available on the internet to supplement learning.

With the inevitable increase in technology use by our students comes additional security challenges for the responsible educator. Many of these challenges have been solved by technology, and the tools exist to implement your network access policy in a clean and reliable fashion.


Teleworking is becoming more commonplace, but corporate travel is also still routine for many workers. For years there has been a divide between the IT resources accessible from the office and those on the road. This was often a messy affair of gaining access through a hotel wired network and logging onto a VPN.
No longer. Current technology offers teleworkers & travellers compact, portable solutions for accessing their corporate network from their hotel rooms or home – just as if you were in the office.


Users increasingly expect all their content to be available from their mobile devices. Video and voice (phone) services are no exception. With proper planning, modern wireless networks are capable of delivering video and voice reliably. For example, making it possible to stay on a VOIP call as you roam about your campus, or watch a high definition video presentation from your head office on your phone.

Did you know?

The All-Wireless-Office (AWO) is now becoming a reality. Current generation wireless technology now allows Voice, Video & High-Speed data all to be delivered securely to a mobile work force, and often at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than a wired network.

Our Mobility Services

BGC IT Solutions provides expertise in the following areas:

  • RF Planning & Surveying
  • Detail design of wireless services
  • Implementation of wireless solutions and management platforms
  • Operational challenges and capacity planning for wireless
  • Policy implementation for wireless users and devices
  • Teleworking and corporate travel solutions
  • Provisioning mobile devices and securing BYOD
  • Delivering Video and Voice over Wi-Fi
  • Location Trackings