Load Balancing and Application Delivery

Application intelligence is increasingly built into the network infrastructure. What was formerly the Load-Balancing market segment has become populated by highly sophisticated devices now known as Application Delivery Controllers.

We have extensive knowledge of industry-leading products in this space, and can help optimise your applications for performance, security and an overall reduction in infrastructure costs. Some possible applications of ADC's include:

  • Sophisticated redundancy and load-balancing Reducing or eliminating SSL load on your web servers
  • Adding capacity and performing maintenance with no impact to users
  • Separating your applications into public and private tiers
  • Application-specific acceleration and performance tuning
  • Modifying traffic content inline at wire speed
  • WAN link optimisation and bandwidth preservation

ADC is something of a catch-all category that includes device supporting different goals and feature-sets. Some are ideally suited as the core of your data centre routing solution, while others may be better placed at your network edge and branch offices. Often they incorporate a varying combination of features including compression, caching, shaping & content switching.

While ADC are powerful devices, they often require detailed knowledge of networking and care must be taken with the applications & services being hosted to implement it successfully.


Packet shapers are one example of a specialised ADC, typically focused on bandwidth and capacity management. For example selectively limiting the network speeds offered to certain users and applications with the goal of minimising traffic costs, or preventing internet link saturation.

Our recommended products also provide an extensive reporting capability, and a very flexible policy implementation based on IP addresses, URLs, users' identity, application and more.

Did you know?

Leading vendors in this space include:

  • F5
  • Riverbed

Our ADC Services

BGC IT Solutions has experience developing public-edge and data centre ADC solutions for several organisations. This has included deploying complex multi-tiered applications in high-security and multi-vendor environments.

We can help with achieving the following goals for your network:

  • Preserve link bandwidth
  • Prioritise and shape traffic
  • Improve uptime with seamless redundancy
  • Accelerate corporate applications
  • Online maintenance capability
  • Co-ordinate tiered applications
  • Application Health Monitoring
  • SSL offloadings