The following product categories show our main areas of interest and activity. Most of these areas are currently subject to a relatively fast pace of innovation and development. We should note that all of these products areas require strong networking fundamentals in all areas including traditional routing and switching in order to implement successfully.

Wireless and Mobility:

The All-Wireless-Office (AWO) is now becoming a reality. Current generation wireless technology now allows Voice, Video & High-Speed data....[more]

Firewalls & Security Appliances:

Many security specialists will have heard the phrase “Security is a process, not a product”. And indeed a product is only as good as the....[more]

Load Balancing and Application Delivery:

Application intelligence is increasingly built into the network infrastructure. What was formerly the Load-Balancing market segment has become....[more]

Authentication Services (AAA):

The Authentication, Authorisation & Accounting (AAA) service is part of the essential 'glue' of a modern network. However it is an area that has....[more]

Network Management Systems (NMS):

Network Management is a catch-all term to describe the processes and systems involved in maintaining network services and....[more]